A service fee is charged at the time of your consultation. You may use any of the major credit cards with our EFTPOS system. Cheques require prior approval.

  • Level A consultation (less than 5 mins) $40.00
  • Level B consultation (5-20 mins) $78.00
  • Level C consultation (20-40 mins) $142.00
  • Level D consultation (more than 40 mins) $220.00

Medicare rebates for these services are available and can be returned to your bank account at the surgery, saving you going online or visiting Medicare. You will need your bank account registered with medicare for your rebate to be paid back into your account. We can also transmit the rebate directly back into a bank card which has a cheque or savings account linked to it.

Our doctors may accept the rebateable fee in certain services, at their discretion. This means no out of pocket expenses. Many of the services to children, indigenous patients, terminally ill, frail aged, veterans as well as care plans fall into this category. We encourage people to regularly attend to maintain good health and we are happy to create an account to assist patients to manage financially.

Our practice staff will also advise on federal government assistance which may include you receiving higher rebates once you have spent certain threshold amounts.

Some additional services attract a separate fee as well as the attendance fee. These include ECGs, wound repairs, foreign bodies (including removal of fish hooks) and fractures.

We have a procedures room patients may book, along with associated nursing care that various doctors use. Patients are charged a useage fee separate to any billing from their doctor. Please discuss the useage fee with reception and billing fee with your doctor.